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Join our CEO, Manish Gupta, for his take on the exciting future of satellite communications - and get a glimpse behind the scenes at Cobham SATCOM as our talented backroom crew shape tomorrow.

Our Maritime Solutions



Keeping your assets safe, secure and on schedule, Cobham Satcom maritime satellite antenna and radio communication systems unlock the true potential of ships and crew by optimizing their ability to communicate and connect without interruption.

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Cobham Satcom is committed to facilitating reliable connectivity with affordable, dependable and high-performance antenna systems for fishing vessels to stay connected in the roughest seas for safety, catch performance business operations and crew welfare applications.

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Cruise & Ferries

From Mega-cruise ships with thousands on board to an adventure cruise ship in remote locations, Cobham Satcom state-of-the-art antennas give you a stable foundation of countless multi-antenna hybrid connectivity installations.

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Cobham Satcom’s premium antenna solutions perfectly match your expectations for high-end satellite connectivity for Internet access 24/7, ensuring you can keep on top of business and relax over an HD movie or sporting event.

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