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Who we are

We are the enablers of connection across land and sea, shaping the future of connectivity by making communication seamless, affordable, accessible, and safe, anywhere, anytime on any device. From radio to satellite communication, we have always shaped the future of communication.

Our vision

Being the leader in remote connectivity – safeguarding and connecting people and ideas.

Our mission

Connecting the future – Shaping the next generation of technologies to define the new era of satellite communications.


Manish Gupta

Chief Executive Officer

Connecting the future

We are living a time of significant transformation – a milestone in human history, where connectivity is dramatically changing the global communication landscape.

As the world’s population explodes, data generation never stops and the need for real-time communication and data sharing continues to increase. Access to faster and reliable communication infrastructures has become a must to ensure our continued prosperity. We need trusted networks that enable developing countries to grow, help fight climate change, and keep us safe and connected to each other, wherever we are.

Satellite communication plays a major role in this development – especially in remote locations. Increasingly affordable, it also becomes a true alternative and back-up in more densely populated areas. The potential for positive change is huge, but only those who are prepared for the future can contribute and lead the way. At Cobham SATCOM, with our maritime and land-based terminals, gateways, and system, we are prepared – and ready to enable businesses to make these positive changes a reality.


Embracing change

Driving communication change is in our DNA; making technology innovative, reliable, simple to integrate and easy to use. Being at the forefront of satellite communication technology for over 40 years, we have been making it possible for businesses and people to be connected when it really matters.

What’s new to the market is business as usual to us. Fast, decisive, and digital, we tap into the perspectives offered by a global presence. We engage with our industry partners, pooling resources, collaborating with major operators, channel partners and end users to achieve the best results. Our open-source mindset thrives on collaboration and trust. Our ability to find and share synergies across different businesses helps us play a major role in the entire communication ecosystem.

Every step change we empower, is the result of a series of incremental disciplined, hard-core mathematics and engineering, inspired by a working environment based on years of experience, a mindset of constant learning and a genuine sense of excitement of doing something that has never been done before. These competencies lay the perfect foundation for us to take on every new challenge that a changing satellite communication landscape brings.


Shaping tomorrow

Our name is well known and respected in our industry. We are the experts, trusted for our honesty, transparency, and reliability. We are the backroom crew making sure people can communicate in real time with confidence in even the most extreme and distant circumstances.

From maritime and terrestrial rescue operations to exposed NGO supply lines, from defence on land to offshore energy, from cruise ship to congested megacities, we make vital communication possible. We are proud to be a mission-critical part of the game. Constantly delivering on tracking and pointing innovation, our contribution to the entire communication ecosystem is paramount.

We help boost the speed and reliability with which the world communicates. We are the enablers of connection across land and sea, influencing the future of connectivity by making communication seamless, affordable, accessible, and safe, anywhere, anytime on any device.

We are the bridge to what comes next – always with one foot in the future. But this is nothing new for us. From radio to satellite communication, we have always been ahead in shaping tomorrow’s communication. We are Cobham SATCOM, and we are connecting the future.


Trusted Solutions

20K+ Maritime VSAT systems

400K+ Maritime Safety At Sea solutions (Radio Communication, Navigation, Safety)

280K+ Maritime L-Band systems


30+ Ground Stations in 19 countries

100K+ COTP


66 countries have chosen Cobham SATCOM Solutions in 2021


Strong Global Set-up

500+ Distribution Partners

4 Production Locations

3 Distribution Centers in 3 continents

200 Global Installation & Service Providers


A Firm Foundation

70 years of innovation and expertise in Maritime

40 years of innovation and expertise in Land


500+ Worldwide Employees

300+ R&D engineers

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