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Today, providing uninterrupted, high quality internet connectivity at sea and in port is essential – especially when you have to deliver seamless business operations and entertainment on demand to demanding customers and crew. From Mega-cruise ships with thousands on board to an adventure cruise ship in remote locations, Cobham SATCOM state-of-the-art antennas give you a stable foundation of countless multi-antenna hybrid connectivity installations that keep your connected, wherever, whenever.

Unlock best-in-class internet experience 24/7, anywhere in the world

Constant, high throughput Internet connectivity is the key criteria for cruise companies to achieve the best guest satisfaction ratings. Cruise ships of any size, from the awe-inspiring ‘floating towns’ with 6000+ people looking to access social media and browse the Internet from anywhere on board, to smaller expedition vessels or the luxury holidays segment, guests all expect to be able to connect at will and experience the same speeds and reliability as at home. Likewise, marine operations, on board businesses like shops and restaurants and the cruise company’s corporate network require just as much if not more throughput, positioning cruise as the most service quality and bandwidth hungry maritime satellite communications sector today.

Cobham SATCOM has perfected both the approach and technology to meet such high expectations from the diverse stakeholders in cruise and indeed, the related ferries market. We provide antennas as the foundation for the world’s most powerful and complex maritime satellite services, delivered by expert service providers that view multi-band, -orbit and -antenna networks as the only current solution to deliver network resilience and capacity for the largest cruise vessels. These hybrid networks also ensure a more robust service for smaller, boutique and adventure cruise vessels, where guests want to be off the beaten track, but stay on the Internet.

New Sea Tel 2400



Innovation improves customer satisfaction

Our 300 expert R&D engineers are at the forefront of pioneering maritime broadband capabilities for the largest or most luxurious and adventurous cruise ships. New generation SAILOR and Sea Tel antennas unlock unmatched levels of performance, reliability, and intelligence to ensure that satcom service providers can deliver the speed, capacity and reliability demanded for operational, business, guest and crew use globally.


24/7 connectivity for complex but powerful hybrid services

Ready for C-, Ka- and Ku-band on LEO, MEO and GEO satellites, Cobham SATCOM antennas ensure that dependable, high throughput connectivity is always accessible. By creating the technology platform to optimize multiple antenna configurations, we enable highly redundant hybrid networks to meet demand from thousands of users on the largest cruise ships, with less complexity, equipment, and cost.


A connectivity platform for the future of cruising

Our technology and services are customizable and ready to accommodate new GEO, LEO and MEO satellite networks with minimum effort and cost. The new SAILOR XTR VSAT platform unlocks a choice of multiple constellations, orbits, and frequencies, for dependable access to high-speed maritime broadband now, and for several generations of satellite services in the future.


Streamlined installation and near-zero maintenance

Our software-based technology is designed to lock-in the highest service availability by giving cruise and ferry satcom service providers the tools to improve network quality and offer high SLAs. New SAILOR XTR VSAT antennas require practically no maintenance and easy remote access ensures that technicians from our leading global service network can diagnose issues quickly and easily should an issue occur.

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