Maximize your voice and data coverage, optimize your capital expense and operational expense ratio

A digital communication solution from Cobham SATCOM not only gives your organization and its people crystal clear voice and uninterrupted data connectivity even in the most remote areas. It also reduces your capital expense and operational expense significantly.

Traditional, ground-based solution

Capital expense

Operational expense

Establishing a land based digital radio solution with full data coverage from scratch means your organization will have to construct new radio masts throughout your operational area.

Adding data coverage to an existing radio solution will require your organization to augment existing radio masts.

Extending coverage will require construction of new radio masts.

Re-establishing radio masts destroyed by hurricanes, fire etc. is also capital expense

Ongoing maintenance of all existing radio masts and installations throughout your organization’s operational area.

Our digital communication solution

Capital expense

Operational expense

Some investments in hardware will be required – ie. mobile satellite receivers for cars, etc.

A subscription fee covers ongoing software updates and other related maintenance.

A service fee for the least cost routing use of cellular networks and satellite connectivity.


The bottom line: More coverage – less costs

In one instance, a utility company was about to invest in the digital trunked radio infrastructure required to cover an operational area roughly the size of France. But they discovered they could achieve 100% percent coverage with PRISM PTT+ at 40% of the price – and get uninterrupted data connectivity for their 3500 service vehicles as well.

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