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Uninterrupted voice and data connectivity

PRISM PTT+ is a hybrid communications system leveraging LTE and satellite connectivity to increase resilience and coverage. It is a user-friendly voice and data solution turning Radio systems (LMR/DMR), Cellular devices (3G/LTE) and Satellite networks into one unified network.

The solution provides real-time voice and data across the multi bearer environment. PRISM PTT+ is easy to scale, deploy and manage and the perfect solution to cost effectively extend radio networks to any coverage area without building expensive ground infrastructure.

With crystal clear voice and uninterrupted data connectivity in even the most remote locations, PRISM PTT+ is the most cost-effective and dependable critical communications platform available today.



Personal safety and operational continuity for utility services that gives workers the confidence to work effectively anywhere and at any time.

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Public Safety

First responders can depend on reliable and failsafe communication using familiar equipment, helping to optimise emergency operations.

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Real-time, dependable connectivity enables low-cost, high performance access to industry standard applications for maximising efficiency.

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Your link for resilient and unified field communication

The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway harmonises diverse Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks. It seamlessly extends LMR coverage and capacity from line-of-sight to beyond-line-of-sight so that workers can enjoy the safety and operational benefits of voice and data communication coverage in areas where they would previously have been ‘off-grid’.

Our technology connects essential personnel and equipment to a unified, redundant critical communications ecosystem.



Expand coverage and capacity

EXPLORER Mobile Gateway and the PRISM PTT+ service enable integration between LMR networks and IP based cellular or even satellite networks. Whether an organisation is already analog LMR, P25, DMR, Tetra or any other format, the complete interoperability of our solution makes it easy to expand both coverage and capacity, to ensure that any highly distributed workforce is always online and in-touch.


Complete workforce and service management

The integrated PRISM portal application offers deep remote configuration and hands-on functionality so that thousands of field workers can be deployed, directed and looked after in real-time.


Track employees and assets in real-time, and display travel routes with notifications based on geo-fencing functions.

Create ad hoc talk groups with priority PTT sessions and set pre-defined third party LMR networks easily using the drop-down menu.

Take control of users’ device features and permissions with a powerful, easy to operate unified management platform.

Manage your communication services, channels and costs while enjoying the benefits of predictable flat-rate PTT pricing.

Network agnostic Push-To-Talk with seamless routing

Integrated with existing radio solution

With voice protocol optimised for satellite and poor link conditions at the edge of radio coverage, PRISM PTT+ expands your existing radio solution for reliable coverage anywhere. It interconnects seamlessly with any LMR system transforming your existing portable and in-vehicle VHF/UHF devices to beyond line-of-sight. Reliability is high and roll-out is simple, with a staged, ‘one radio at a time’ process developed to ensure simplicity and redundancy.

Seamless switching between networks

The most crucial element of field communication is clarity, which can only be achieved with a stable and reliable line. PRISM technology provides network resilience and enables immediate switching between networks depending on the current link conditions. Even mid-transmission, PRISM can seamlessly switch networks without dropping out for even a millisecond, providing unmatched stability and reliability in every transmission.

Global, beyond-the-horizon coverage

Expand your coverage area immediately by utilising the coverage of the biggest service providers within terrestrial and satellite communications. PRISM leverages Internet Protocol (IP) traffic, which means that with just two pieces of equipment, global coverage is easily achieved. When your current radio system is integrated to PRISM, all your in-vehicle and personal radios become beyond-line-of-site, instantly.

Future-proof network compatibility

The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway utilises up to three different networks simultaneously. For instance, it can be configured to monitor Inmarsat BGAN, a LAN and a 3G/4G service and will automatically select the lowest-cost stable link intelligently and based on user-defined settings. And because the unique design of the Mobile Gateway is network agnostic it is already compliant for use with future networks including 5G, and future LEO and MEO satellites.

Real-time data for optimal operations

With robust IP connectivity available over Wi-Fi from vehicles, PRISM PTT+ is a highly reliable platform for leveraging the operational benefits that sophisticated real-time business-critical applications can bring to your organisation. Safe in the knowledge that field workers will always have a data connection regardless of where they are, service managers can transform remote operations using digital communication for more automation and optimised logistics management.

Secure voice and data communications

To ensure secure communication, all communication between the EXPLORER Mobile Gateway and the PRISM PTT+ system is encrypted with AES256 CTR encryption. Installed Mobile Gateways are equipped with a hardware security chip to ensure unique identification and safe provisioning into the network and any systems that may be lost in the field can have its network permissions remotely revoked quickly and easily.

Business and service continuity

PRISM PTT+ can be configured as a turnkey solution with all elements of the service – including deployment and management of the communications server – delivered by Cobham SATCOM. This reduces the technology know-how your organisation needs to significantly improve its field communications coverage and capacity. The package is completed with 24/7 global support to always ensure high service availability.

Flexible communications management

Users from different agencies can create inter-agency talk groups on the fly, enabling cross communication between their PRISM PTT+ connected devices. This enhances operational safety and efficiency as diverse agencies working on the same mission can communicate directly with each other, while retaining privacy and security within their already established call-groups and teams.

Resilient and robust hardware

The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway hardware is manufactured in an ISO 9001 production facility and adheres to key environmental regulations including WEEE, RoHS and REACH, as well as being certified and evaluated to show compliance to CE through any applicable directives. Importantly, it is built using the world-famous EXPLORER DNA, which guarantees it can keep on working in even the toughest conditions.

Feature Matrix.png

See more of our solution features on our Feature Matrix.

Feature Matrix.png

See more of our solution features on our Feature Matrix.

PRISM PTT+ solution specs



Ultra-Compact BGAN

Smallest Comms-On-The-Move Satellite Terminal

Rugged and Robust

Integrated satellite modem and antenna with no moving parts


Ease of use

Completely automated satellite connectivity


Resilient communication

Maintains high audio quality and no data transfer interruptions

Radio over IP Gateway

Connect existing radios to LTE and satellite networks


Ease of use

Completely automated satellite connectivity

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