Cobham SATCOM is committed to facilitating reliable connectivity with affordable, dependable and high-performance antenna systems for fishing vessels to stay connected in the roughest seas for safety, catch performance business operations and crew welfare applications.

Track, catch and trade at sea with confidence

Commercial fishing is one of the toughest, most hazardous jobs in the world so it’s no surprise that skippers and executives in larger firms focus on the safety and welfare of their crew members just as much as catch performance and meeting catch quotas. Amidst a highly regulated and heavily monitored industry, today’s digital operations aided by our SAILOR & Sea Tel antenna systems help trawlers, purse seiners, factory ships and countless other specialist fishing vessels make the most of their time at sea.

Cobham SATCOM provides rugged antennas and maritime radio systems with and without GMDSS compatibility that enable professionals on thousands of fishing vessels globally to balance the safety, performance, and regulatory aspects of the job by providing a platform for verbal communication and uninterrupted connectivity. Our products provide the capability for teams to talk on board, conduct business online, relax when the nets are pulled in. We provide tailor-made solutions configured to integrate diverse networks for maximum availability, even when operating in high sea states in the most remote locations. Through this, we help skippers to focus on their crew, as much as their profit.


Innovation enables essential new capabilities


Highest reliability for working in dangerous conditions


High flexibility. Guaranteed connectivity


24/7 connectivity from the start