Real time handling and sharing of information enables faster and better critical decisions

Network Centric Operations of the future will need to connect with larger number of field units with more data. Multilateral operations will require interoperability with different allied networks. Mission success will depend on the support of future LEO/MEO constellations including the ability to switch between different networks when required.


From embassies to command headquarters, we’ve got you covered

TRACKER from Cobham SATCOM offers single or multiband connectivity, and a radome cover to protect it from the elements and prying eyes. Electronically switchable multi-band antennas can be automated or operated remotely reducing personnel and training requirements. Whether installed with an embassy, a regional command post or at headquarters, we’ve got you covered with this resilient, constellation-agnostic solution. Seamlessly switching between frequencies and constellations, TRACKER from Cobham SATCOM provides the information assurance and speed required to make critical decisions with confidence.

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