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Unmatched operational flexibility for anyone, anywhere

Rapid deployment and movement of personnel across a theatre of operations will make more data available, but requires communication solutions that are reliable and easy to use.

Full deployment flexibility – for any troops, anywhere and anytime

Forward command posts are vital to the relay of real time data, information, and critical decisions between the frontline and operational command centers. Being dependent on current communication infrastructure limits the flexibility of deployment and can potentially lead to less efficient operations. On the other hand, with expanded communications flexibility real time information is always available to the decision makers, whether they are physically located in a forward command center or in regional command centers.

More information to act on, more time to act

Modern UAVs generate increasing amounts of data, through the evolution of higher resolution imagers and the growing range of sensors. The expansion in data gathering and data rates make high-speed, resilient data relays crucial to their mission. At the same time, the ability to use multiband connections and lower latency constellations improve UAV control and operations from central command, offering more control loops and longer time on target. In short, the better the satellite relay, the bigger the advantages.


Battlefield ready: 30 mins from box to bird

Building on our prior generation of portable and transportable terminals, the Tactical TRACKER series are lightweight, robust multi-purpose antennas designed to be easy to operate, fast to deploy and quick to connect. The high-speed, high-bandwidth terminals enable rapid switching between GEO, LEO and MEO satellites, supporting current and future space segment and mission scenarios. Tool-free assembly and set up whittles down deployment times, increasing your mobility, flexiblity, and effectiveness.

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