7 Feb 2023

Cobham Satcom and RBC Signals Announce Expanded Ground Segment Partnership

Cobham Satcom and RBC Signals Announce Expanded Ground Segment Partnership

Cobham Satcom provides high-throughput multi-band ground stations to enable a range of EO, IoT, and GSaaS capabilities for both enterprise and government applications.

Concord, CA and Redmond, WA – Cobham Satcom, a leading global provider of radio and satellite communications solutions for the maritime and land sectors, and RBC Signals, a multi-national provider of space data connectivity solutions, have announced an expanded partnership to deploy Cobham Satcom's proven and highly versatile Tracker 6000 and 3700 series ground stations across the globe.

The strategic agreement between the two industry leaders will significantly augment RBC Signals' extensive owned and partner ground network, enabling integrated communication services to NGSO missions and constellations for Earth Observation, IoT, and Space Situational Awareness. Cobham Satcom and RBC Signals share an extensive history of optimizing and implementing satellite tracking solutions. The versatile, high-throughput Tracker platforms, coupled with ease of installation, high reliability, and low operating costs – will help ensure robust and uninterrupted services to RBC Signals' customers.

"Cobham Satcom is a leader in ground stations for both communications constellations as well as for GSaaS operators, and RBC Signals has become a close and innovative partner," said Kirby Nell, Cobham Satcom VP of Business Development. "We are pleased that RBC Signals has selected Cobham Satcom not only based on our industry-leading technology and reliability but for our unequaled ability to optimize solutions and deliver on a short schedule."

"The satellite communications industry needs to respond to aggressive timelines, and Cobham Satcom, together with RBC Signals, rose to meet those challenges with practical and quick solutions to answer the industry needs," said Ron Faith, RBC Signals' President, and COO.

About Cobham Satcom TRACKER Series

The TRACKER product lines are a new approach to gateways and user terminals that are scalable, easily implemented, supported, highly reliable, and have a low cost of ownership. TRACKER gateways and user terminals have been selected by LEO/MEO constellation operators, government agencies, and the EO and New Space service providers based on proven performance and reliability, robust design suitable for all environments, the low total cost of ownership, and Cobham Satcom's ability to meet demanding implementation schedules.

Modular and easily configured, TRACKER terminals are available in a range of sizes and in single, dual, or triple frequency bands. Three-axis tracking with protective radome allows operation in the harshest environments ensuring tracking accuracy at all times, with optimum signal quality, high throughput, low power consumption, and high reliability. In addition to a standard foundation or structure mounting, portable and transportable TRACKER user terminals offer additional flexibility.

Whether for high-speed communications, data links, single or dual-band, emerging New Space applications, or rapid deployment, TRACKER has become the most dependable choice for business-critical and mission-critical gateways and user terminals. These rugged, lightweight full-tracking terminals allow easy network expansion and provide a new range of capabilities for (COTP) Comms on the Pause.

About Cobham Satcom

At the forefront of satellite communication technology for over forty years, Cobham Satcom delivers accurate, multi-orbit, active tracking antennas for land, maritime, fixed, and mobile applications across GEO, LEO, and MEO satellites. Cobham Satcom systems provide business and mission-critical connectivity to a broad range of service providers, enterprises, and government customers.

Cobham Satcom designs and manufactures high-performance user terminals, gateways, and systems under the SAILOR, Sea Tel, EXPLORER, and TRACKER brands. Cobham Satcom offers innovative, highly reliable solutions that are simple to integrate and easy to use, whether on established satellite systems, for new EO/New Space initiatives, or on operational and next-generation communications constellations. To learn more about LEO/MEO/GEO antennas at Cobham Satcom, visit www.cobham-satcom.com/TRACKER or follow the company on LinkedIn and LinkedIn/Government and Defense.

About RBC Signals

RBC Signals is an innovative provider of global satellite data communication products and solutions. They offer secure space communication solutions in every major frequency band, utilizing a worldwide network of both company-owned and partner-owned systems. RBC Signals delivers dynamic solutions offering affordability, flexibility, and resiliency. Their diverse products and services enable them to be a complete end-to-end solution provider for every organization that needs best-in-class multi-network solutions. To learn more about RBC Signals, visit https://rbcsignals.com or follow the company on LinkedIn.

RBC Signals' Contact:

Sean McClinton, Business Operations – RBC Signals +1 (425) 201-5629 Sean@rbcsignals.com

Cobham Satcom's Contact:

KC Kinniburgh, US Marketing Manager – Cobham Satcom +1 (925) 348-4829 Chava.kinniburgh@cobamsatcom.com


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