C and Ku Band TV-at-Sea

Cobham SATCOM’s powerful TV-at-Sea solutions offer global and regional, coverage and are compatible with all known and planned satellites, delivering seamless reception around the world.

Large vessels crossing deep oceans or workboats and yachts operating in coastal regions can enjoy reliable satellite television services practically anywhere with our TV-at-Sea solutions. Technical features include high performance closed-loop stabilisation and satellite tracking, enabling continuous and reliable television reception even in the world's most remote regions.

Powerful military and aerospace-tested integral electronics including high accuracy accelerometers and Bluetooth adaptors enable continuous calculation of position, orientation and velocity vector of a moving object without the need for external references - so you get great television, regardless of outside conditions.

Antennas are available in C-band, Ku-band or dual-band configuration, whilst some models offer global operation without the need to change hardware between broadcast regions.