With over 300,000 L-band installations in the field, and more than 20 years of customer feedback, the SAILOR 4300 delivers what today’s customers demand – reliable, high-performing and cost effective connectivity at sea.

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Through a simplified installation process, cost optimised hardware and with no scheduled service requirements, the SAILOR 4300 minimises the overall cost of ownership.

"Communication is everything today. For a business like ours, if we waste a couple of hours we lose thousands in profits."

Rasmus Hald Captain, Karbak HM 635

Please submit your interest in the SAILOR 4300 L-Band antenna, and our trusted partner will reach out to your inquiry.

You can directly reach out to our team below:

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Daikichi Kakuta

Business Development & Sales Manager, Japan  +81 90 9108 4320  daikichi.kakuta@cobhamsatcom.com

Shilpa Varade

End-user Engagement Manager, APAC  +65 8870 8555  shilpa.varade@cobhamsatcom.com