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Conference: March 21-24, 2022 Exhibition: March 22-23, 2022 Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC

Connecting the future

In a globally connected world, reliable and resilient connections are all that matters. Please join us at the SATELLITE 2022 show on the 22nd March, booth #1029, at 3 PM when we host a drink reception.

We will announce some major advancements in Cobham SATCOM during the reception, which we believe will make your connection to Cobham SATCOM matter even more.

Meet our experts at SATELLITE 2022

We are looking forward to meet you at the event. Stop by at our booth #1029 to connect with us and learn how we can provide you with the most advanced and customized solutions.


Kevin McMahon

Senior Director Government and Defense Solutions

"We are leveraging our 40+ years in the Defense Communications market and 25+ years in Tracking Antenna Designs to bring the most advance multi-band (LEO-MEO-GEO-HEO) tactical tracking antenna product line to the Satcom Industry."

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Chris Schram

Head of TRACKER, RoW

"Our satellite industry is undergoing a wonderful and exciting transformation, and Cobham is playing a key role in enabling innovative ‘New Space’ capabilities, connecting the world through new constellations, and ensuring easy and highly reliable connectivity for the next generation of satellite services."

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Mike Holdsworth.jpg

Mike Holdsworth

Business Development Manager, Systems

"I will be at SATELLITE 2022 representing the Systems group where we build next generation leading technology around Radio Access Network (RAN) hardware and software - come and talk to me about our latest capabilities including our RF Digitiser and membership of DIFI. With a background in enabling military satcom for both integrators, prime contractors and satellite operators. Come and talk to me about our Government Defence Solutions (GDS)."

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David Burr.jpg

David Burr

Product Management Team Lead, Land User Terminals

“We live in an increasingly connected world and the new LEO and MEO constellations have tremendous connectivity benefits for users everywhere, but with the cost that moving satellites add complexity to the system. We love this environment, because at Cobham SATCOM we’ve spent 40 years taking the complexity out of tracking satellites. It’s a great time to be in this industry.”

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Manish Gupta.jpg

Manish Gupta


"Our intention is to get the entire earth fully connected. Over the decades our dedicated teams have mastered the science of ground based satellite connectivity solutions to connect with any orbit, any band, anywhere. For our customers we enable the ground infrastructure as well as fixed and mobile connectivity solutions for a variety of end-markets including enterprise, military, government and maritime."

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Kirby Nell.jpeg

Kirby Nell

VP Tracker Business Development

"For the last decade, we have been working to transition our maritime heritage into fixed and communications on the pause (tactical terminals) ecosystems. We have proven our technology with the leading constellation owners across the communication and satellite sectors with antennas tracking NGSO and high altitude unmanned aeronautical vehicles (UAV) up to 86 GHz. Besides, we offer the best total cost of ownership solutions in mission-critical applications."

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Nicolas Broderick.png

Nicolas Broderick

Commercial Sales Director Americas

“Staying connected is more important than ever” Through our innovative multi-band antennas we are connecting the world to exciting new constellations. If your market is cruise ,oil and gas or merchant marine we have the solution for you at Cobham Satcom. We are connecting the future.“

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Steffen Risager.jpg

Steffen Risager

VP Land

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Wes Schenck.jpeg

Wes Schenck

Sales Manager, Tracker

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Bob Potter.jpeg

Bob Potter

Engineering Director, Gateways & Trackers

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Abel Jarque.jpeg

Abel Jarque

Commercial Sales Manager Maritime

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Heather Schueler.jpeg

Heather Schueler

Global Field Marketing Senior Manger

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Cornelius Smith.jpg

Cornelius Smith

Product Manager Team Lead

News & Announcements


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01 FEB 2022

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Enabling new missions and ensuring robust connectivity with our innovative range of multi-orbit, multi-band terminals.

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