Satellite Infrastructure

The next five to ten years will see unprecedented growth in the volumes of data traffic from space to ground by a factor of between 100 to 1000. Satellite communication’s future will depend heavily on the quality and speed of its ground infrastructure.


Why choose Cobham Satcom?

We keep your operations up and running and relevant for tomorrow’s challenges.

By supplying a satellite ground infrastructure that is fully running in the Cloud, on a platform that supports multiple waveforms including BGAN, LTE, 5G NTN, we make your operation future ready.

And with our full end2end solutions, including integration of 3rd party products, you get the flexibility to seamlessly adapt to tomorrow’s changing opportunities.


High Quality Technology

Uptime is everything – this requires that your satellite infrastructure is extremely reliable and of high quality. With Cobham Satcom’s ground infrastructure we offer 99.99% or higher uptime. We’re always chasing perfection.


Experience and Expertise

We are trustworthy partners who understand the specific challenges of your business. With a history of working closely with Inmarsat for 30+ years, we have followed the growth of satellite communications at the cutting edge and are poised to take the next step with confidence.


Innovative Solutions

Our innovation emerges from a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, sharp expertise, relentless curiosity, and real-life experience. This results in the most cost efficient and high-performance solutions available. Our FEPs and RF converter are just two examples of our cutting-edge technologies.


Per Koch

Senior Director, Systems

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