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SeaTel 1500

The first true 1.5m Ku/Ka dual-band VSAT antenna


Unique multi-band innovation secures always on connectivity - wherever you are

Never miss a moment! Get ultimate business continuity when transitioning from region to region with SeaTel 1500, the market’s first true Ku/Ka dual-band VSAT antenna. Switching bands when moving in and out of coverage is no longer a hassle. SeaTel gives you the option of combining Ku coverage with Ka high power regional services taking advantage of the best satellite offering at any given time. Get Ku GEO services, and in locations where Ka-band services are not available, ensuring full operations continuity regardless of the vessel’s navigation route.

Future proof your business operations - today and tomorrow

With SeaTel 1500 antenna system you can invest today, knowing that you will be ready for the future whatever it may look like. Get the ability to convert to different frequencies and networks on GEO, LEO, MEO and HEO enabling smooth network transition when needed. An easy way to future-ready multi-orbit satcom solution that let you take full advantage of today and tomorrow’s satellite constellations services and better address your vessel’s specific satcom needs.


High reliability. High performance. Optimized TCO.

By adding a new software and electronics package to the proven, industry-standard 1.5m SeaTel technology, Cobham Satcom brings all the capabilities vessels need in an ideal footprint and makes SeaTel 1500 the smart satcom investment. When combining SeaTel 1500 and SeaTel 2400 antennas, users can design the perfect VSAT antenna park able to address all their specific connectivity needs and space constraints whilst gaining in flexibility, performance and ease-of-use to unlock an optimized total cost of ownership (TCO).


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