Safety at sea

Keeping your people and business safe at sea has been our field of expertise for 70 years.

Beyond the obligation for all commercial vessels of 300 GRT and upwards of having the right radio and satellite communication equipment on board to meet global and local safety requirements, securing people’s safety and keeping machineries operational is a must to ensure maritime business is up and running. From machinery explosion to piracy attacks, ship collisions, cargo shift, man overboard, mooring accidents and more, you can prevent any human and material loss and reduce the impact of incidents on your vessel operational performance with the right “Safety at Sea” radio and satellite communication package.

From radio communication to navigation and satellite communication solutions, Cobham SATCOM knows exactly which communication solution you need to meet international and local requirements and secure your operations. In the game for 70 years with SAILOR, the most trusted maritime radio and satellite communication brand up to date, we do not only offer ultra-reliable solutions, but fully approved and easy-to-use maritime GMDSS solutions from VHF, MF/HF and UHF maritime radio communication to mini-C, EPIRB, SART, touchscreen message terminal and accessories.

Find your sea area and select the Safety & Regulation solutions package you are required or highly recommended to have on board.

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