Emergencies don’t happen in tidy packages

Delays and misunderstandings are bad news

Emergency services and first responders need to communicate with each other quickly and effectively whenever unforeseen events happen – and also at other times when “normal procedures” aren’t enough.

They can’t do that if they’re using different comms setups – many of which have difficulty “talking” to each other. This often happens in the real world because most agencies and organizations use their own kinds of proprietary equipment. These systems may well each be good for their own planned, designed purpose, but unfortunately, real-world emergencies quickly get unplanned, messy, and chaotic.

When messages, orders, and requests get routed back and forth via dispatch and other mission-vulnerable inter-agency patching setups, this often results in delays, misunderstandings, and operational glitches. These are seriously bad news when different agencies really need to cooperate and coordinate – urgently and reliably.

From proprietary silos to joint action

All this can change with easy-to-use systems that make it possible for emergency services personnel to escape the communication restrictions and limitations resulting from their agency’s proprietary equipment choices.

Effective, multi-agency responses to emergencies depends on good communication. Direct, system-agnostic communication is always the fastest, most reliable, and less prone to comms fall-outs and coordination holes.

Escape the proprietary spiral

You can plan your “escape” from the many practical limitations of these proprietary spirals by making forward-thinking purchasing decisions for your future interagency communication.

The right choices will enable you to make the most of what you’ve got and future-proof key parts of your communication backbone for your agency or inter-agency coordination setups.

The right decisions will give you an ideal, easy-to-implement entry point for linking virtually all kinds of radio and data communications – old and new, current and future, proprietary and supplier-agnostic. This will protect your past investments and ramp up your future capabilities.


We can help you keep vital connectivity during emergencies

Cobham Satcom offers a tailored communication solution for any business critical communications network - leveraging decades of expertise to deliver dependable connectivity with high performance, lower costs, and truly global coverage.

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