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A new level of Performance, Reliability, and Intelligence

A new generation of VSAT antennas offering optimized performance and reliability, and future-ready connectivity to maritime and offshore professionals ready for more.

Designed to provide a new level of Performance, Reliability and Intelligence, our new SAILOR XTR™ software-based antenna platform takes real-time satellite communication and data transfer at sea to a whole new level – setting new standards for the Maritime SATCOM industry.

SAILOR® XTR™ – One Platform For All Antennas

Enhanced Reliability to guarantee you peace of mind

SAILOR XTR antennas are designed and built to the highest standards. Perfectly packed in a robust, compact, and smart form factor, they enable high service availability even in extreme conditions.


Optimized Performance to boost your productivity

SAILOR XTR is a software-based antenna platform designed for rapid deployment, immediate use, and productivity gains through digital and cloud operations.

Added Intelligence to secure your future readiness

SAILOR XTR is a true enabling technology – a gateway to unlock complete digitalization in the maritime and offshore industries and ensure readiness for new satellite services to come.

Your business at your pace – today and tomorrow

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Innovation meets best-in-class Technology

Integrating the best of field-proven SAILOR VSAT technology with a unique set of industry-first features and smarter industrial design, SAILOR XTR™ a platform ready for future IoT capabilities to optimize every aspect of antenna operation and management.

With network performance maximized across frequencies, in-port service and maintenance minimized to ensure high uptime, and full readiness to transition to new satellite constellations, SAILOR XTR™ secures real-time maritime communications at any time under any conditions, enabling vessels and fleets to keep pace with the growing demand for data and the introduction of new communication services.


A range of antennas for every maritime connectivity need

Regardless of your industry or vessel type – shipping, offshore or fishing – SAILOR XTR unlocks a choice of multiple constellations, orbits, and frequencies, providing dependable access to the fastest and most competitive high-speed maritime broadband so that you can meet your specific business needs – today and tomorrow.


A SAILOR XTR™ system has a sharp focus on uptime and meets current and future antenna requirements. It delivers important features like remote management and secure antenna control software, keeping your antenna protected from cyber attack. Reach out today for the smartest antenna solution on the market.


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