As a super or mega yacht owner, access to the market’s latest and best technology is a must to match the standard of living you enjoy on land. Cobham SATCOM’s premium antenna solutions perfectly match your expectations for high-end satellite connectivity for Internet access 24/7, ensuring you can keep on top of business and relax over an HD movie or sporting event.

Unlock stable, secure and superfast customized connectivity

Internet users on the world’s most luxurious, expensive, or adventurous yachts demand the best broadband service and usually don’t care how its achieved. Owners and guest class the availability of 24/7 high-speed connectivity as non-negotiable. Many rely on a secure and stable connection to continue working while on holiday, but countless breakthroughs have also come from owners and charter companies wishing to ensure high quality entertainment is available on board, including streaming movies, news and live events in high definition.

The usage pattern is not heavily restricted by budget, so satcom service providers deploy the most innovative technologies and approaches to create solutions that just work, no matter what. Many of them choose SAILOR and Sea Tel VSAT antennas as the foundation for customized super and mega yacht networks for a myriad of reasons, but the ability to deliver the highest uptime for the strictest SLAs is often a deciding factor, alongside the simplicity of installing and managing multi-antenna hybrid networks, which with a new generation of satellites coming online soon, will secure even more reliable broadband for users on luxury vessels.


Innovation to meet the most demanding satcom needs

Our 300 expert R&D engineers are at the forefront of pioneering maritime broadband capabilities, many of which start with service providers seeking to accommodate the most extreme demands from luxury vessels. This has contributed to innovations on the new generation of SAILOR and Sea Tel antennas, which are already being installed on super and mega yachts to deliver the performance, functionality, and reliability that owners and charterers expect.


24/7 connectivity for best-in-class hybrid services

Prepared for C-, Ka- and Ku-band on satellites in different orbits, Cobham SATCOM antennas ensure that dependable, high throughput connectivity is always accessible to owners, guests and crew. By creating the technology platform to optimize multiple antenna configurations, we also ensure that hybrid networks with less complexity and equipment are much faster and easy to establish.


Ensuring easy access to next generation satcom networks

Our technology and services are customizable and ready to accommodate new GEO, LEO and MEO satellite networks for easy upgrade to high throughput and capacity services. The new SAILOR XTR VSAT platform unlocks a choice of multiple constellations, orbits, and frequencies, for dependable access to high-speed maritime broadband now, and for several generations of satellite services in the future.


Streamlined installation and near-zero maintenance

Our software-based technology is designed to lock-in the highest service availability backed by advanced SLAs. New SAILOR XTR VSAT antennas require practically no maintenance and easy remote access ensures that technicians from our leading global service network can diagnose issues quickly and easily should an issue occur.

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