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Data capabilities for ambulance services: Opportunities and threats

Are you looking for data coverage that will let your ambulances exchange vital patient data with hospitals throughout your operational area? Choosing the wrong solution can put patient safety, data security and your budget at risk.

Always-on data coverage saves lives

Uninterrupted data connectivity between ambulances and hospitals helps save lives. When vital patient data can be exchanged between ER doctors and first responders, proper treatment can be initiated on the scene and on the move. But what happens if the connection is lost en route? And what happens if your data connection opens the hospital’s door to hacker attacks and ransomware?

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Complete voice and data coverage for ambulance services

With PRISM PTT+, you get crystal clear voice communication, plus uninterrupted data connectivity in even the most remote locations. And with full 256-bit encryption everywhere, your first responders can safely introduce new, useful digital tools like body-worn cameras for documentation and training purposes. Using already existing networks makes PRISM PPT+ the perfect solution to cost effectively extend your coverage area without building expensive ground infrastructure. And if land-based coverage fails, PRISM PTT+ uses satellite as a fallback line. Using this unique, future-proof, least cost routing mix of existing networks and satellite connectivity, PRISM PTT+ is easy to scale, deploy and manage.


PRISM PTT+ provides complete digital coverage with crystal clear voice and uninterrupted data connectivity in even the most remote locations.

• Full LTE or satellite coverage everywhere • Push-to-talk digital radio • Real-time data exchange • Full AES-256 encryption • Data connectivity everywhere • Full interoperability

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