Going from analog to digital radio? Make sure you get data connectivity included

Moving from an analog radio communication solution to a digital radio setup makes a lot of sense. In addition to improved voice communication, your organization will also enjoy digital benefits such as geographical location, user ID, and a ‘man down’ distress signal. But if you only move on to a digital trunked radio system, that’s it.

Add data capabilities and complete coverage on top

With PRISM PTT+, you get full data connectivity as well as all the other benefits of digital radio. Using a unique, future-proof, least cost routing mix of land-based signals and satellite connectivity, PRISM PTT+ is easy to scale, deploy and manage. Using already existing networks makes it the perfect solution to cost effectively extend your coverage area without building expensive ground infrastructure.

More coverage – less costs

In one instance, a utility company was about to invest in the digital trunked radio infrastructure required to cover an operational area roughly the size of France. But they discovered they could achieve 100% percent coverage with PRISM PTT+ at 40% of the price. And on top of this, they got uninterrupted data connectivity for their 3500 service vehicles.

Explore the difference a PRISM PTT+ digital radio solution can make for your people and your organization.

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