Remote data connectivity makes modern society smarter, safer, and richer – but without encryption, disaster lurks

Cyber criminality and hacking by foreign entities make encryption a critical prerequisite when considering any kind of communication solution. It is estimated that ransomware alone caused hundreds of billions of dollars of economic damage in 2020.*

Flawed security can have catastrophic consequences

Regardless of your industry, digital security flaws can have catastrophic consequences for your company’s finances and reputation. For law enforcement and other first responders, the threats and possible consequences of sub-par encryption are a matter of life and death. For utilities companies, digital security is a matter of public concern, as outages caused by digital attacks have severe knock-on effects on society.

Full 256-bit encryption protects your organization

PRISM PTT+ ensures full digitalization with future-proof AES-256 encryption of your organization’s critical lines of communication. No matter where your organization is at work, keeping citizens safe and society functioning, your voice and data communication will stay fully secure.

*Citation source

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