Patchy LTE coverage can threaten your MESH strategy – and put your people at risk

Advantages of MESH technology

Body-worn MESH IP networking is a great solution when you want to give your people on the ground – from utilities work crews to first responders – a body-worn IP Access point including push-to-talk radio connection with a range vastly exceeding what is obtainable from classical DMR, Tetra or P.25 technology. With each team member’s radio doubling as a relay node, MESH-technology provides dependable on-the-scene communication even in tricky conditions.

Loss of coverage could leave you cut off

But while MESH is great on the scene, the ability to backhaul into a core IP network is an absolute necessity. LTE interconnect is an obvious choice for this, however when LTE coverage is lost, that’s as far as the signal goes. Your team will be cut off from dispatch and potentially blind to the bigger picture – and imminent threats.

100% coverage of your operational area

With Cobham SATCOM, you can add a unique, least cost routing mix of LTE and satellite connectivity to your MESH-solution to dramatically increase resilience and reach 100% coverage of your operational area. An always on, voice and data connection from each field worker or first responder to dispatch helps your teams on the ground work smarter, while keeping them safer – no matter where they are.

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