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Sea Tel 2400 VSAT Antennas

More Flexibility. More Power. Same Reliability – For Today and Tomorrow.

A ground-breaking new-generation 2.4M VSAT platform featuring the latest innovations in maritime satellite communication.

Designed to provide cruise vessels and offshore energy platforms with global high-quality connectivity on their terms, Sea Tel 2400 is the key to unlocking class-leading guest internet services, 24/7 high productivity capacity through intelligent operations, and crew welfare facilities including entertainment and more. Fully customizable, scalable, and ultra-dependable, Sea Tel 2400 is today’s most powerful and future-ready Multi-Band VSAT antenna platform.

Sea Tel 2400 – High-performance 2.4M Multiband VSAT Innovation shaping the future of connectivity at sea

Unmatched Performance

Maximum uplink power for greater capacity

Sea Tel 2400 is the most powerful 2.4 M VSAT Tri-band antenna. With superior RF architecture and Fibre Optic Technology, you can reach the greatest bandwidth capacity across all frequencies.


Maximized Scalability

Capabilities on demand for best TCO

Sea Tel 2400 is the market’s most flexible 2.4M VSAT antenna platform. With Cobham Satcom’s Ka-Band Upgrade Kit and unique Multi-Band Arbitrator, you can customize, scale, and manage your antenna platform on demand across frequencies, networks, and orbits, all while optimizing your antenna’s TCO.

Sustained Reliability

Full operational readiness and best user experience, today and tomorrow

Sea Tel 2400 is the smartest SATCOM investment. Built on proven industry-standard Sea Tel technology, and ready to convert to different frequencies and networks on LEO/MEO/HEO, the Sea Tel 2400 Multi-orbit, Tri-band solution is the smartest choice to achieve full connectivity and operation, today and in the future.

System Network Agility for Easy Customization

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