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Bridging the technology divide

When emergency agencies congregate to face a mass emergency, or when utilities companies merge to optimize their operations, efficient communications can be hindered by incompatible radio technologies. Cobham Satcom offers a solution to this problem.


Great options – separately

When it comes to radio communications, there are many great options available, each technology offering its own pros and cons. However, one thing they do share is a reluctance to communicate outside of their own circles. When several emergency agencies have to work together, their efforts are often hampered by a lack of network interoperability.

The floodings in Germany in the summer of 2021 gave a stark example of this. On a less dramatic scale, utilities companies that merge to optimize their operations will often find that their native radio networks are incompatible. Getting everyone on the same page can be a costly affair – and for emergency services, time is also a critical factor.

Radio over IP solves the problem


Satellite communication as fallback is more accessible, more price friendly, and more flexible than ever before.


Our digital communication solutions reduce your capital expense and operational expense significantly.


A sound investment. Augmenting your radio setup with a Cobham Satcom solution brings significant savings.

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Extended coverage


Global coverage


Data coverage

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Network agnostic interoperability