Remote Management

PRISM PTT+ offers 100% remote management of mobile comms units.

Console Integration

Analog or digital console integration through the PRISM PTT+ API.

Private and Public LTE

PRISM PTT+ operates on any LTE network, private or public


With PRISM PTT +, you can transform your sparce LMR coverage to 100% coverage.


PRISM PTT+ comes with AES-256 encryption as standard.


Use PRISM PTT+ to turn your legacy LMR network into a sophisticated digital platform.

Voice + Data

PRISM PTT+ brings your two-way radio and vehicle data solution together on one unified platform.

LTE + Satellite

Hybrid LTE and satellite backbone brings ultimate resilience to PRISM PTT+ solutions.

Analog + Digital

PRISM PTT+ augments any LMR Network – analog, DMR or P.25


PRISM PTT+ features built-in asset tracking


Using PRISM PTT+ as backbone for regional MESH deployments, you in-field personnel will never be out of data coverage.


PRISM PTT+ enables full network aggregation between agencies and companies.


IP brings new capabilities to the front line.

Say goodbye to dead spots, patchy coverage, and lack of data capabilities – but keep your trusted hardware and sensible budgets: PRISM PTT+ from Cobham Satcom is the future-proof way forward from the critical comms setup you have to the one you need.

Use the model here to explore the many different reasons why PRISM PTT+ is the right fit for your organization.

PRISM PTT+ from Cobham Satcom is a user friendly solution that combines two way radio, LTE, and satellite into one, resilient, IP-based communication network.

PRISM PTT+ is a rapidly deployed three component solution that integrates with two way radio systems.

EXPLORER Mobile Gateway 1920x 1080.png

EXPLORER Mobile Gateway

The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway is the hub that integrates all in-vehicle devices into one communication platform. It converts existing LMR/DMR radios into a future-proof radio over IP solution and is compatible with any type of radio network (DMT, P25, TETRA, LTR, Analogue). The Mobile Gateway also connects to all IP-based networks such as LAN, cellular networks, and satellite, and it seamlessly routes voice and data between networks with no loss of connectivity.

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EXPLORER 323 1920x 1080.png

EXPLORER 323 Satellite Antenna

The EXPLORER 323 Satellite Antenna ensures global coverage via L-band satellite networks. Technology developments have made satellite communication a financially viable alternative solution. With PRISM PTT+, your organization can enjoy flat-rate airtime packages that ensure a fixed monthly cost for roaming.

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prism ptt service tool laptop.jpg

PRISM Portal

The PRISM PTT+ service is managed and configured centrally through the PRISM Portal that offers a long list of functionalities. The web-based portal ensures a simple and easy configuration of any EXPLORER Mobile Gateway, no matter its location and with over-the-air updates to vehicles. Talk groups can be set up and users added to them on the fly and radios can be reconfigured remotely. At the same time, all transmissions are end to end encrypted according to the AES 256 standard.

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