Remote Management

PRISM PTT+ offers 100% remote management of mobile comms units.

Console Integration

Analog or digital console integration through the PRISM PTT+ API.

Private and Public LTE

PRISM PTT+ operates on any LTE network, private or public


With PRISM PTT +, you can transform your sparce LMR coverage to 100% coverage.


PRISM PTT+ comes with AES-256 encryption as standard.


Use PRISM PTT+ to turn your legacy LMR network into a sophisticated digital platform.

Voice + Data

PRISM PTT+ brings your two-way radio and vehicle data solution together on one unified platform.

LTE + Satellite

Hybrid LTE and satellite backbone brings ultimate resilience to PRISM PTT+ solutions.

Analog + Digital

PRISM PTT+ augments any LMR Network – analog, DMR or P.25


PRISM PTT+ features built-in asset tracking


Using PRISM PTT+ as backbone for regional MESH deployments, you in-field personnel will never be out of data coverage.


PRISM PTT+ enables full network aggregation between agencies and companies.


IP brings new capabilities to the front line.

Say goodbye to dead spots, patchy coverage, and lack of data capabilities – but keep your trusted hardware and sensible budgets: PRISM PTT+ from Cobham Satcom is the future-proof way forward from the critical comms setup you have to the one you need.

Use the model here to explore the many different reasons why PRISM PTT+ is the right fit for your organization.

PRISM PTT+ from Cobham Satcom is a user friendly solution that combines two way radio, LTE, and satellite into one, resilient, IP-based communication network.

PRISM PTT+ is a rapidly deployed three component solution that integrates with two way radio systems.

EXPLORER Mobile Gateway 1920x 1080.png

EXPLORER Mobile Gateway

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EXPLORER Mobile Gateway 3

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EXPLORER 323 1920x 1080.png

EXPLORER 323 Satellite Antenna

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