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Add improved overview and efficiency to your radio setup

With PRISM PTT+ from Cobham Satcom, dispatchers and HQ functions can have data like geo-positioning and connection status for in-field vehicles integrated and displayed on their native control screens.

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More data sources can add to the confusion

Upgrading your analog or digital radio setup to a radio over IP solution offers a wealth of new operational data. From geo-positioning to connection status to vehicle telematics, going digital opens the sluices to information. But rather than becoming an asset, too much data locked in insular, proprietary systems can become a hassle, forcing dispatchers and HQ radio operators to constantly switch between screens and systems. This can be annoying at the best of times – but potentially catastrophic in an emergency.

Add capabilities without adding complexity

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Unlike other, proprietary systems, PRISM PTT+ from Cobham Satcom is based on open APIs and standards like Asterisk, making system integrations simple. This means that all data collected and conveyed via the Explorer Mobile Gateway and PRISM PTT+ can be integrated and displayed on any control screen and alongside any other systems.
If your organization uses a GIS system to maintain overview of your installations, the whereabouts, caller ID and active talk groups for all your vehicles equipped with a Mobile Gateway Terminal can be superimposed on that map in real time. Every function your operators can perform on the PRISM PTT+ portal can be designed to match the needs of your organization and integrated to be performed through your native system – without adding extra screens or unnecessary complexity.


Satellite communication has been commoditized and can now be easily used as a fallback in critcom solutions.


A digital communication solution from Cobham Satcom reduces your CAPEX and OPEX significantly.


A sound investment. Augmenting your radio setup with a Cobham Satcom solution brings significant savings.

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Improved overview and efficiency

Dispatchers can have all data from the PRISM PTT+ system added to the operational overview they already know and trust.


Enhanced emergency management

Giving dispatchers access to all critical information on one screen vastly improves their ability to react and give precise orders in an emergency.


Point and click functionality

Dispatchers needing to group specific vehicles into new talk groups can simply mark each relevant vehicle on the map and set up the group on the fly.

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Add external connections

If you need an external contact to brief in-field crews in their vehicles, simply patch them into the correct talk group via on-screen functions.

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