Expand your radio coverage to 100%

No matter how well attended to your radio network infrastructure is, if your operational area is large enough, you’re bound to have white spots. Getting to 100% coverage with radio towers is prohibitively expensive. But there is a cost-efficient alternative to boosting coverage.


Your link for resilient and unified field communication

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Hang on to your hardware

With PRISM PTT+, field personnel can hang on to the handsets they know and trust. The only change they’ll notice is that now they’ll have full voice and data coverage where previously they had none.


Gradual switch-over

PRISM PTT+ integrates and utilizes the hardware and infrastructure you have already invested in. The radio towers you installed last year to extend coverage will still be useful. But over time, you’ll be able to save on maintenance of radio towers.

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Seamless switching

The system uses automatic routing between all available networks, always picking the best available option. Switching between networks is imperceptible and requires no field user intervention at all.


No changes required

Introducing the PRISM PTT+ in your organization has no impact on established procedures and doesn’t require hardware replacement, training, etc. All the frequencies and channels you’re used to are still there. We simply do away with the white spots.


Satellite communication as fallback is more accessible, more price friendly, and more flexible than ever before.


Our digital communication solutions reduce your capital expense and operational expense significantly.


A sound investment. Augmenting your radio setup with a Cobham Satcom solution brings significant savings.