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Get global coverage with ultimate resilience

Combining LTE networks with satellite connectivity as fallback is the intelligent way to extend your coverage, ensure ultimate resilience in critical comms, and future-proofing your radio setup.

You can’t afford to lose contact - can you afford to extend coverage?

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If your organization covers a large operational area, you have undoubtedly encountered white spots where vehicles loose radio coverage. Loosing contact with vehicles and their crews can have consequences ranging from the impractical to the tragic.Whether you are currently running an analog or a digital radio setup, extending coverage by expanding your radio mast infrastructure offers three big problems: It is prohibitively expensive, you’ll be investing in a narrow band solution at best, and in case of large-scale emergencies or natural disasters, your critical comms would be as vulnerable as all other terrestrial infrastructure.

With PRISM PTT+ from Cobham Satcom, you can expand your coverage area immediately by utilising the coverage of the biggest cellular service providers and adding satellite connectivity as a fallback. PRISM portal leverages Internet Protocol (IP) traffic, which means that with just two pieces of equipment, global coverage is easily achieved. When your current radio system is integrated to PRISM, all your in-vehicle and personal radios become beyond-line-of-site, instantly.

Global, beyond-the-horizon coverage


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The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway is uniquely designed to utilize up to three different networks simultaneously for ultimate resilience. For instance, it can be configured to monitor a satellite IP connection, a LAN and an LTE service. The system automatically selects the lowest-cost stable link intelligently and based on user-defined settings. And because the Mobile Gateway is network agnostic it is already prepared for use with future network technologies like 5G, and future LEO and MEO satellites.

Constantly selects the best connection

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Seamless switching between networks

The most crucial element of field communication is clarity, which can only be achieved with a stable and reliable line. PRISM technology provides network resilience and enables immediate switching between networks depending on the current link conditions. Even mid-transmission, PRISM can seamlessly switch networks without dropping a word, providing unmatched stability and reliability in every transmission.

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Automated satellite connectivity

The PRISM PTT+ solution from Cobham Satcom is always connected to the chosen satellite provider. The system constantly monitors connection quality and is prepared to make the ultra-low latency switch to satellite when that connection outperforms all other available connections. This also means that end users will never have to worry about establishing satellite connection – it’s always on. And at a fixed, low monthly cost.

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Stay connected no matter what

PRISM PTT+ also solves the issue of overloaded communications networks in times of emergency. If a natural disaster hits a region, one of the first things to go is the land and cellular communication infrastructure. But with instant in-vehicle or handheld satellite comms as part of their everyday kit, first responders can maintain communication and focus on saving lives.

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Future compatibility

Current dedicated LMR/DMR networks are limited to voice and in some cases narrow band data. In comparison, a Cobham Satcom multi-bearer solution with satellite fallback can be used over any satellite and cellular networks, providing future compatibility with coming terrestrial standards such as 5G as well as new satellite constellations. In addition, the multi-bearer technology vastly increases network uptime statistics to levels well beyond 99.9%

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Satellite connectivity at a fixed low monthly cost

Satellite communication has become commoditized in recent years and is available at a fixed monthly cost regardless of traffic volume for voice messages. This means you’ll never have to worry about your monthly satellite bill.

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Reduced CAPEX and maintenance costs

The initial investment required for an LTE + Satellite digital radio solution is significantly lower than investing in new infrastructure like digital radio masts. In addition, your organization will enjoy reduced lifecycle maintenance and equipment costs.


Satellite communication has been commoditized and can now be easily used as a fallback in critcom solutions.


A digital communication solution from Cobham Satcom reduces your CAPEX and OPEX significantly.


A sound investment. Augmenting your radio setup with a Cobham Satcom solution brings significant savings.

Broadband Global Area Network

The Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) is a global satellite network owned by Inmarsat. BGAN is used to provide broadband Internet access in remote locations, although if line-of-sight to the satellite exists, BGAN can be used anywhere.

Thuraya broadband network

The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway with the EXPLORER 323 satellite antenna from Cobham Satcom also enables you to use Thuraya's satellite network, which provides reliable and fast IP access from remote locations.

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