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Get global coverage with ultimate resilience

Combining LTE networks with satellite connectivity as fallback is the intelligent way to extend your coverage, ensure ultimate resilience in critical comms, and future-proofing your radio setup.

You can’t afford to lose contact - can you afford to extend coverage?

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If your organization covers a large operational area, you have undoubtedly encountered white spots where vehicles loose radio coverage. Loosing contact with vehicles and their crews can have consequences ranging from the impractical to the tragic.Whether you are currently running an analog or a digital radio setup, extending coverage by expanding your radio mast infrastructure offers three big problems: It is prohibitively expensive, you’ll be investing in a narrow band solution at best, and in case of large-scale emergencies or natural disasters, your critical comms would be as vulnerable as all other terrestrial infrastructure.

Global, beyond-the-horizon coverage

Constantly selects the best connection

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Seamless switching between networks

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Automated satellite connectivity

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Stay connected no matter what

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Future compatibility


Satellite communication as fallback is more accessible, more price friendly, and more flexible than ever before.


Our digital communication solutions reduce your capital expense and operational expense significantly.


A sound investment. Augmenting your radio setup with a Cobham Satcom solution brings significant savings.

Broadband Global Area Network

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