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Replace your legacy network – not your legacy hardware

Are you outgrowing, or being forced out of, your legacy emergency network? Switching to a critical communications solution from Cobham Satcom lets you leverage all private and public LTE networks with seamless least cost routing and complete redundancy.

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The basic challenge

Effective, reliable and easy-to-use communications are vital for dealing with crises and emergencies of all kinds. To this end, emergency agencies around the world have come to rely on closed radio networks like DMR, Tetra and P25. However, many agencies now find themselves under pressure from governments and other authorities to move to LTE-based networks, leaving them with quite a few worries on their plate.

Will it require replacing fully functional hardware that first responders have grown used to? What about cost? And will we have to do it all over again as new technologies emerge?

A future-proof and fully flexible solution

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Switching to a critical communications solution from Cobham Satcom means your organization can make the switch to LTE networks without scrapping the radio hardware you already use.

Our solution turns radio, cellular and even satellite networks into one resilient IP-based network.


Satellite communication has been commoditized and can now be easily used as a fallback in critcom solutions.

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This means you’ll have all the data connectivity you’ll need to run current and future digital tools without having to upgrade again. And because our solutions can be fitted with two SIM-cards and switch seamlessly between public and private LTE networks, your first responders on the ground will never find themselves out of coverage – especially if you add satellite connectivity as fallback.

In addition, the necessary LTE networks and infrastructure already exist, meaning the initial CAPEX outlay can be kept to a minimum.


A digital communication solution from Cobham Satcom reduces your CAPEX and OPEX significantly.


A sound investment. Augmenting your radio setup with a Cobham Satcom solution brings significant savings.

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Public LTE networks

In much of the world, commercial LTE, or cellular, networks have become a standard feature of everyday life, and are widely available at relatively limited cost.Why pay to build? and operate a new network when private telcos already do it better?

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Private LTE networks

Private LTE networks are reserved for use by emergency services, public safety organizations and first responders. They piggy-back on public LTE networks, but run on a separate frequency spectrum over a separate core network.

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An interface for all occasions

Cobham Satcom solutions interface seamlessly with all LTE and 3GPP compliant networks.

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LTE + satellite: The perfect match

Today, LTE is the cheapest way to achieve broad coverage, while satellite is the cheapest way to add the last few steps to full coverage.

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Integrates existing hardware

Simple integration to existing radio systems (analog, DMR, P.25, VHF, UHF, etc.) means you don’t have to replace your hardware. Simply hang on to what you’ve got.

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Network redundancy

Seamlessly switching between private and public LTE networks, and keeping satellite connectivity in reserve, emergency agencies can rely on a fully redundant network with complete coverage, even in mass emergencies.

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