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Replace your legacy network – not your legacy hardware

Are you outgrowing, or being forced out of, your legacy emergency network? Switching to a critical communications solution from Cobham Satcom lets you leverage all private and public LTE networks with seamless least cost routing and complete redundancy.

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The basic challenge

Effective, reliable and easy-to-use communications are vital for dealing with crises and emergencies of all kinds. To this end, emergency agencies around the world have come to rely on closed radio networks like DMR, Tetra and P25. However, many agencies now find themselves under pressure from governments and other authorities to move to LTE-based networks, leaving them with quite a few worries on their plate.

Will it require replacing fully functional hardware that first responders have grown used to? What about cost? And will we have to do it all over again as new technologies emerge?

A future-proof and fully flexible solution


Satellite communication as fallback is more accessible, more price friendly, and more flexible than ever before.

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In addition, the necessary LTE networks and infrastructure already exist, meaning the initial capital expense outlay can be kept to a minimum.


Our digital communication solutions reduce your capital expense and operational expense significantly.


A sound investment. Augmenting your radio setup with a Cobham Satcom solution brings significant savings.

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Public LTE networks

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Private LTE networks

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An interface for all occasions

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LTE + satellite: The perfect match

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Integrates existing hardware

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Network redundancy