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Upgrade your analog radio setup with full digital capabilities

With a Radio-over-IP solution, you can add digital capabilities and get full coverage of your operational area – without having to scrap your existing handsets or investing massively in new digital radio towers.

Going from analog to digital radio can be a painful step

If you’re running a strictly analog radio setup today and have started looking to make the transition to digital radio, you’ll soon realize that it can be a painful move.

Your in-field end users, from first responders to utilities work crews, might object to having their well-known and trusted handsets replaced with new, digital handsets. And the people footing the bill, whether they’re the taxpayer or the procurement department, might also wince at the prospective costs of replacing the existing handset -not to mention the costs associated with the construction

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and maintenance of new digital radio towers.So, whether your organization is looking to go digital to get new capabilities like SUID, GPS location, and a man-down button, or it is to improve your coverage and add rudimentary data capabilities, you should ask yourself this: do we really want to invest heavily in upgrading our two-way radio network – only to get a new narrow-band system for our troubles?

Radio over IP: broadband data and global coverage at a fraction of the cost

PRISM PTT+ with the Explorer Mobile Gateway and the EXPLORER 323 vehicle satellite antenna, is a digital, radio over IP solution that lets you keep and use your two-way radios, while adding global coverage.


Satellite communication as fallback is more accessible, more price friendly, and more flexible than ever before.


Our digital communication solutions reduce your capital expense and operational expense significantly.


A sound investment. Augmenting your radio setup with a Cobham Satcom solution brings significant savings.

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Global coverage – no more white spots

PRISM PTT+ enables radios out of LMR coverage to transmit voice and data over already existing LTE networks, with satellite as a fallback solution. Constantly monitoring channels for the best possible connection, the multi-bearer solution routes voice and data messages seamlessly. This allows users in the field to operate freely, maintaining exactly the same communications capabilities across your entire area of operation.

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Secure voice and data communications

AES-256 encryption ensures that all communication between the EXPLORER Mobile Gateway and the PRISM PTT+ system is secure. Installed Mobile Gateways that may be lost in the field can have its network permissions remotely terminated quickly and easily. AES-256 encryption is a pre-requisite for access to U.S. criminal justice databases like CJIS – with most Western authorities taking the lead from the U.S. when it comes to IT-security.


Don’t miss a syllable

The Explorer Mobile Gateway converts and flawlessly conveys voice messages as digital signals, adding a ‘Replay last message’ option.

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Intelligent migration

PRISM PTT+ is the budget-friendly, future-proof way forward from the radio system you have to the one you need.

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With PRISM PTT+, you are not investing in a narrow-band system with limited future value. Instead, you get mobile broadband access everywhere.



All communication between the Explorer Mobile Gateway and PRISM PTT+ system is encrypted with AES-256 CTR encryption, allowing access to sensitive networks.

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Hang on to your hardware

With PRISM PTT+, field personnel can hang on to the handsets they know and trust. The only change they’ll notice is that now they’ll have full voice and data coverage where previously they had none.


Save on frequency licenses

With PRISM PTT+ radio over IP, your organization will never have to apply or pay for the use of new radio frequencies again. Simply set up new channels as needed in the portal.

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