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Future proof your radio setup

Augment your current radio setup and coverage to connect personnel and equipment in a unified, IP-based, redundant critical communications ecosystem.

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Augment your current radio setup using existing networks

Why invest heavily in building new radio infrastructure when you can augment your current setup using networks that already exist? If you’re looking to extend your coverage, or add advanced data capabilities to your existing solution, why not simply leverage the spread of cellular networks and the commoditization of satellite? It’s the intelligent path from the radio setup you have to the one you need.

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Different problems, one answer

Many organizations find themselves compelled to make the switch from a purely analog to a digital radio setup or to expand digital radio coverage to every corner of their operational area. For some, it’s a question of complying with local or national legislation. For others it’s a business decision, or the need to gain access to new digital tools digital tools.

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Whatever your organization’s motivation for change is, the PRISM PTT+ solution from Cobham Satcom is the future-proof, CAPEX-friendly way forward.

After all, why pay heavily for building and maintaining new radio towers, when others have already done it for you?


Satellite communication has been commoditized and can now be easily used as a fallback in critcom solutions.


A digital communication solution from Cobham Satcom reduces your CAPEX and OPEX significantly.


A sound investment. Augmenting your radio setup with a Cobham Satcom solution brings significant savings.

Cobham Satcom can augment your analog radio setup with digital capabilities without having to scrap your existing equipment – or investing in expensive infrastructure like new digital radio masts.


Analog to digital: PRISM PTT+ from Cobham Satcom is a user-friendly solution that can combine radio (LMR/DMR), cellular (LTE) and satellite networks into one resilient, IP-based communication network. The solution integrates all in-vehicle devices via the Explorer Mobile Gateway that converts existing LMR/DMR radios into a future-proof radio over IP solution.


Using public and private networks to carry digital voice and data communication drastically expands coverage, and satellite connectivity can be added as a fallback option. Because the solution is IP-based, it offers data capabilities beyond what is possible with current digital and digital trunked radio systems. This future-proofs your investment while making new digital tools available.

If your organization has already invested in a digital or digital trunked radio setup, but now find that you lack coverage in parts of your operational area, you have two choices.

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One is to invest heavily in the infrastructure required to extend your existing digital radio system’s coverage. This involves construction and maintenance of new radio towers, etc.

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The other option is moving on to Cobham Satcom’s hybrid solution for critical communications. Our solution is compatible with any type of radio network (DMR, P25, TETRA and LTR), and extends coverage by including existing private and public LTE networks. If coverage is still an issue in remote areas, we can add satellite connectivity as a fallback solution. This makes coverage issues a thing of the past – while reducing the need for CAPEX investments and maintenance drastically.

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Augment your network to IP-grade digital capabilities: Whether you’re running an analog radio setup or have already switched to a digital or digital trunked radio setup, you might find yourself needing improved data capabilities. Analog, naturally, provides none. And while digital radio does provide some data connectivity, it isn’t nearly enough to fully exploit all the digital opportunities rapidly becoming available – or downright crucial – across business sectors and the first responder community.

Switching to an IP-based solution instantly opens the digital floodgates, enabling new tools like always-on handheld computers, ambulance computers, number plate scanners, law enforcement database queries etc.

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Expand coverage and capacity: EXPLORER Mobile Gateway and the PRISM PTT+ service enable integration between LMR networks and IP based cellular or even satellite networks. Whether an organisation is already analog LMR, P25, DMR, Tetra or any other format, the complete interoperability of our solution makes it easy to expand both coverage and capacity, to ensure that any highly distributed workforce is always online and in-touch.

Benefits of IP communication

An IP-based multi-bearer solution uses digital voice calls, which ensures clear, high-quality audio no matter the distance, and with a user-friendly hand mic, the feel is like using a push-to-talk two-way radio.

Some solutions offer 256-bit AES-CTR encryption for increased security, and prioritized calls for additional safety.

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Integration possibilities

Seamless switching between available networks and equipment ensures the highest availability of voice and data service in any location, without the need to invest in and maintain more infrastructure.

Your link for resilient and unified field communication

The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway harmonises diverse Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks.

It seamlessly extends LMR coverage and capacity from line-of-sight to beyond-line-of-sight so that workers can enjoy the safety and operational benefits of voice and data communication coverage in areas where they would previously have been ‘off-grid’.

Integrated with existing radio solution

With voice protocol optimised for satellite and poor link conditions at the edge of radio coverage, PRISM PTT+ expands your existing radio solution for reliable coverage anywhere. It interconnects seamlessly with any LMR system transforming your existing portable and in-vehicle VHF/UHF devices to beyond line-of-sight. Reliability is high and roll-out is simple, with a staged, ‘one radio at a time’ process developed to ensure simplicity and redundancy.

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