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Real-time tracking of employees and assets

Asset tracking helps your organization keep track of your vehicles and personnel as they move across your operational area, to keep them safe and to keep business and services running smoothly and more efficiently.

Loss of signal means loss of whereabouts

Dispatchers in organizations deploying vehicles across large operational areas need to know where their vehicles and personnel are at all times.


Today, most radios have a built-in GPS function that transmits the radio’s position at regular intervals. However, as soon as a vehicle ventures outside of radio coverage, its radio’s GPS location disappears too, leaving the dispatcher in the dark – and an employee unaccounted for and potentially in danger.

Complete data coverage for complete overview

PRISM PTT+ from Cobham Satcom connects all your organization’s vehicles in a unified, resilient IP-based network. The in-vehicle Explorer Mobile Gateway features GPS, allowing your organization to track employees and assets in real-time. The system uses both LTE networks and satellite to ensure complete coverage of your operational area, so your field crews are covered at all times.