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Critical Comms

It’s time to rethink critical comms: Cobham Satcom offers critical communications solutions that provide global always-on coverage, enable the use of new digital tools, and bridge the interagency communications divide.

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Radio-based and Wireless Communication

In all aspects of public safety, resilient communication lines are of utmost importance. However, the need for improved or extended coverage, new data capabilities and interoperability causes some tough considerations. In this – free of charge – paper, our experts discuss the pros and cons of different technologies.


Remote Management

PRISM PTT+ offers 100% remote management of mobile comms units.

Console Integration

Analog or digital console integration through the PRISM PTT+ API.

Private and Public LTE

PRISM PTT+ operates on any LTE network, private or public


With PRISM PTT +, you can transform your sparce LMR coverage to 100% coverage.


PRISM PTT+ comes with AES-256 encryption as standard.


Use PRISM PTT+ to turn your legacy LMR network into a sophisticated digital platform.

Voice + Data

PRISM PTT+ brings your two-way radio and vehicle data solution together on one unified platform.

LTE + Satellite

Hybrid LTE and satellite backbone brings ultimate resilience to PRISM PTT+ solutions.

Analog + Digital

PRISM PTT+ augments any LMR Network – analog, DMR or P.25


PRISM PTT+ features built-in asset tracking


Using PRISM PTT+ as backbone for regional MESH deployments, you in-field personnel will never be out of data coverage.


PRISM PTT+ enables full network aggregation between agencies and companies.


IP brings new capabilities to the front line.